This is a log of the changes since LsdlDoom 1.4.1
For old ChangeLog entry view doc/lxdoom/ChangeLog

* Changes v1.4.4.4 to v1.5
- Fixed SDL_Mixer code to not use private functions
- Fixed packed attributes in doomdata.h
- Fixed compiler warnings
- Fixed broken key configuration (Gentoo bug 103324)
- Fix for gcc-4.1 by David Morgan (Gentoo bug #130482)
- Fix gcc-3.5 errors (Gentoo bug #77846)
- Fix i386-asm build failure and processor optimization selection
- Add /usr/share/games/doom-data/ to wad directories to search (for Gentoo)

* Changes v1.4.4.3 to v1.4.4.4
- Fixed x86 assembly to compile on non elf targets
- Fixed segfault with demo's and netgames
- Fixed autoconf check and link order for SDL_mixer
- Mattias Engdegard fixed the following so it will now compile on a sparc
        - must link with -lm
        - fixed a bus error in r_data.c
     He also submited the following improvements
        - now searches the directory where it's supposed to be installed
          for WADs
        - tries 8bpp first, then falls back on the default depth instead
          of doing it backwards (gives 4x faster blit speed under Sun X11)

* Changes v1.4.4.2 to v1.4.4.3
- Misc code cleanup
- Fixed SDL 1.0 incompatiblity
- Added -fasttimer option
- Added Win32 Binary to webpage

* Changes v1.4.4.1 to v1.4.4.2
- Rewrote/Edited Documentation
- Fixed compilation on non-x86 platforms (not tested)
- Now compiles on platforms not suporting bsd sockets
- Now compiles for windows using the mingw32 cross compiler

* Changes v1.4.3.1 to v1.4.4.1
- Added option to configure to disable asm (needed when cross-compiling)
- Misc portabiity fixes
- Merged changes from lxdoom 1.4.4
  - Install documentation in the right directory
  - Fix problem with network games often desyncing immediately at startup

* Changes v1.4.2.2 to v1.4.3.1
- Various portability fixes (cross compilers now work with no trouble, im
  working on getting it to compile for win32 + hopefully will be doing the
  same for beos soon)
- Misc. other changes
- Merged changes from lxdoom 1.4.3
  - Improved mouse resolution, thanks to a patch from Barry Mead
  - Various robustness fixed to the networking code
  - Fixed various build problems
    - gcc 2.7.2 compile problems fixed
    - uid_t problems on odd systems should be fixed

* Changes v1.4.2.1 to v1.4.2.2
- Fixed major bug causing crash during shutdown

* Changes v1.4.1 to v1.4.2.1
- Fix to support SDL_mixer name change
- Removed X and Svgalib targets (SDL supports these)
- Merged changes from lxdoom v1.4.2:
  - Fixed various build problems, including
    - Networking not work on many systems
    - Portability improvements, in particular for Sparc
  - Fix bug with music not looping after being unpaused
- Misc minor improvements